Watch the Lyrid Meteor Shower Reach Its Peak

[ad_1] Our universe might be chock-full of cosmic wonder, but you can only observe a fraction of astronomical phenomena with your naked eye. Meteor showers, natural fireworks that streak brightly across the night sky, are one of them. The latest observable meteor shower will be the Lyrids, which have been active since April 14 and … Read more

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Often Go Untreated for Parents on Medicaid

[ad_1] Some Context: Experts say bad situations can often be reversed with treatment. Both mental health and drug addiction crises have been roiling the country, and the effects of parental drug use and mental illness can quickly trickle down to their children. Public health experts say substance use disorders can incapacitate a previously diligent parent … Read more

E.P.A. Will Make Polluters Pay to Clean Up Two ‘Forever Chemicals’

[ad_1] The Biden administration is designating two “forever chemicals,” man-made compounds that are linked to serious health risks, as hazardous substances under the Superfund law, shifting responsibility for their cleanup to polluters from taxpayers. The new rule announced on Friday empowers the government to force the many companies that manufacture or use perfluorooctanoic acid, also … Read more