Tidy up your tech: Spring-cleaning tips for safeguarding your data

[ad_1] ‘CyberGuy’: Springtime backup Safeguarding your digital life with a reliable physical backup isn’t just a precaution, it’s a necessity. Kurt Knutsson provides the essential backup checklist. It happens without warning. Suddenly, access to your personal data gets interrupted by a simple hardware failure, nasty virus, cyberattack, software glitch, accidental deletion or human mistake. It’s clearer … Read more

Photographer James Balog on documenting climate change:

[ad_1] Photographer James Balog on documenting climate change: “Adventure with a purpose” – CBS News Watch CBS News Photographer James Balog has become one of the foremost chroniclers of human-caused climate change, as his cameras have tracked the dramatic effects – vanishing ice, rising seas, fires, and the toll climate change is taking on all … Read more

How wildlife crossings protect both animals and people

[ad_1] How wildlife crossings protect both animals and people – CBS News Watch CBS News To protect the movement of wildlife impeded by busy roadways, a series of manmade overpasses and underpasses throughout the United States helps animals big and small safely get across the street, preventing collisions and saving lives. About 1,500 of these … Read more

Fox News AI Newsletter: Star singer fights AI

[ad_1] Welcome to Fox News’ Artificial Intelligence newsletter with the latest AI technology advancements. IN TODAY’S NEWSLETTER: – Meghan Trainor’s will ensures her voice can’t be used by ‘spooky’ technology after her death– US Air Force confirms first successful AI dogfight– Ever-evolving generative AI brings new, game-changing element to sports landscape Meghan Trainor at the … Read more

How this new crazy invisibility tech can literally make you disappear

[ad_1] What would you think if I told you that there is technology available today that could make you vanish?  It’s true. Thanks to optical engineering, it’s possible to become invisible to the naked eye.  This isn’t just a fantasy. It’s a reality crafted by the U.K.’s Invisibility Shield Co., which has introduced the impressive … Read more